Protecting the Bone, use a rubber…net!!

March 14, 2013

Suggestive techniques for handling a bonefish boat-side. Importance of a single species. Albula Vulpes; better known as the bonefish, is a species worth protecting. Theories of where our local Floridian bonefishery is headed in the not too distant future still […]

Chilled Everglades

March 7, 2013

Cold front…these two words are especially troubling as you are packing for your South Florida fishing trip. However, we remained optimistic that the wind wouldn’t blow 25mph, and that the temperature wouldn’t take a dive, […]

Silver Lining video by World Angling

March 5, 2013

Silver Lining from Jekyll Works on Vimeo. Related posts: World Angling, Tarpon on Fly with Tom Bie 7.12.2010 The boys over at World Angling put together a… Silver Kings Season 3 Trailer Silver Kings Season […]

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