Easter Sunday fishing for Sheeps head, for a little change of pace today, first impression Fox Diablo 350 fishing reel.

This Easter Sunday I got out fishing with an old racquetball buddy of mine Todd. With the lack of tide movement today I wasn’t sure how the bite would be. I do know that the sheepshead has been plentiful and he wanted fish to bring home. I told him to stop to get some shrimp in case we run into some decent size sheepshead.

The first part of the morning with lack of water moving it was slow as I expected. We cased lures for about an hour and yielded a 21″ redfish for our efforts.

Besides the birds feeding on small bait and the occasional mullet jumping around there was not much sign of activities. I started looking in deep rocky area hoping to run to some spring snook and sheepheads. This move was a good one as we came across a lot of snook sunning themselves in this 80 degree weather Easter Sunday. Surround them were mullet, snappers and sheeps head. I power poled and re rigged to utilize the shrimp. We used 1/O hook with a split shot.

Immediately the first case got a inhaled by a snook and broken off. Then we landed a small snook. This commotion sent the rest of the snook hiding. This did not slow the snapper or the sheepshead down however. The bite lasted about 45 minutes then it was over. A lot of terminal tackle was lost to structure that 45 minute. At the end of the day, Todd got some fish to take home to the fiance and all was good.

Fox Diablo 350 spinning reel

New gear tested on this trip: Fox Diablo 350

My first time using the Fox Diablo Fishing reel. “The Diablo 350S has a gear ratio of 4.9:1 with a maximum drag setting of 20 lb and weighs only 13.2 oz.” At 13.2 oz which lean towards the heavier side compare to today’s reels in the same price range. However with 20lb drag that is quite nice. I did my best to to balance thing out a bit by putting it on a Shimano Cumura rod with a 20lb braid.

My first impression so far, is that it is solid and sturdy. With the weight, I would not want to cast artificial with it all day long during a tournament outing but for bait fishing or fishing where there is a not a demand on constant casting it should be fine. For a captain who’s gear gets used a abused this will work out great.

Now if you are a fan of the durable Penn SS series you will like the fact that these are design to be easy to service and durable.