Fishing with Charlie Moore and Luis Tiant 2013

The last few days that I have been scouting so I can locate some fish. It was for a TV show called Charlie Moore “No Offense”. To be honest, with the winds howling and temperature in 40’s I was a bit nervous.

The guest today was Luis Tiant, the Hall of Fame Baseball player for the Red Sox, Yankees back in the 70’s and early 80’s. He is now 72 years old so our options of running to locate fish was very limited.

If finding fish on your own wasn’t tough enough in these conditions imagine on camera the entire time. To top it off they wanted to meet 10am so first light eat was out of the question. The fishing time was also limited as they wanted to be done no later than 1:30pm. Whew, talk about pressure.

At this point we had no choice but to use shrimp and weights to fish the bottom of deep water protected canals. The bite was slow at first but the strategy did pay off and we got ourselves a show. Charlie and Luis caught 12 or so redfish, one flounder, a snook and a few lady fish in the time we had.

We had some funny moments I even did session of Karaoke for the camera. If it made the edit table you can hear me sing Elton John “your song” and Prince “Let’s go crazy”. I know, I know, you guys are excited about that. 🙂

Luis Tiant, Sam Root and Charlie Moore
Luis Tiant, Sam Root and Charlie Moore
Charlie Moore and Luis Tiant shoot 2013
Charlie Moore and Luis Tiant shoot 2013
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