Scouting with Jen in the 25mph winds

Though, the winter here in Tampa has been mild by all standards the start of spring has been very cold and super windy. Usually this time of year I’m looking for Tarpon to come out of hiding, but with the temperature in the 50′s it’s very unlikely at the moment. I have not been out much lately, so when I agreed to shoot a TV show this week I knew I needed to get out and find some fish. Not that we were targeting anything glamorous, but it is always best to have something pull on the line in front of the camera. Believe it or not it sounds easy but it’s definitely a chore especially when they do not want to shoot until 10am.

Since it has been so chilly the fish for the most part have been deep. I decided to get some shrimp, (which I rarely use) to scout some deeper holes in the flats. I got Jen to tag along for the ride. She loves fishing, she said. This was apparent as, unlike most girls, she was brave enough to battle the wind and cold.
The bite was pretty sad as we got out on the water. High waters, little movement, rough seas, and blistering 25mph winds made it all that much harder. The fish finally decided to start feeding at sun down, but isn’t that how it usually goes.

At the end of the day it worked out great. Jen caught a backwater slam consisting of a trout, snook and redfish using a shrimp with split shot on a 1/O circle hook.
Hopefully the fish don’t wait that long to eat come shoot day.

Photo note: These photos were taken on the Sony A55 DSLR. A starter DSLR I bought on close out  for $250.00. I can’t say they are as sharp as my Nikon but it’s still pretty good.