Catching Redfish on shoe strings, Blast from the past

Today I posted a photo of fish with a doc’s goofy pompano jig. The conversion shifted to, what you can catch with that jig. I mention I’ve caught nice redfish on shoe strings, the post has long been purged from the forum. I googled it and it showed up on some archives. I wanted to share with you guys the pre “photographer” days, just a fisherman.

This was first posted in Feb 1st 2007, yest quite a blast from the past. It’s been 6 years wow!

Well before I started

Enjoy the blast from the past post by me on various forums.


I thought about the days before plastics.. before Gulps.. before Mirrourdines.. before spoons. What did people use when they just couldn’t go to a tackle shop, Sports Authority, Walmart and pick up the latest and greatest.

I figured they use whatever they could find… I picked my shoe laces…. and it works.. I just tied it to a jig head. The 1st time I tried it I hooked on to an over slot redfish and she ripped out lots drag and got to a wind knot I didn’t know I had and the line popped. .. bummer. I tried it again and got some smaller reds and a needle fish. I only had a chance to use the yellow shoe laces but next time I”ll use the white one.

Remember when you guys are complaining about the prices of tackle .. just use your shoelaces to do the catching and save some $. Wink


This was Part 2 of the Catching Redfish using shoe string that got posted a few days later:


Just for fun and entertainment I used my shoe laces to catch red fish a couple weeks ago. I had forgotten about it, until the gathering at Hooters when a few people brought it up and said it was quite entertaining. I’ld told them I had a couple tied up in my tackle box and would try it again. Besides that, I can hear the doubters saying…”it was at night… anything works at night..” “..those are small reds… those things will hit anything..”.

I had been somewhat boatless for a couple days so I was itching to get out for a couple hour. I didn’t plan on getting out but I move some things around so I could get out for a couple hours.


I looked at the forecast today:


ouch.. but the wind started off from the east then eventually to the south so I know as long as I hug the shore I should be ok in my small boat. (My Gladesmen is waiting for the tiller to be fix so I was using the Gheenoe today.) I started off fishing canals and getting blown all over the place. A dink trout was my only reward. Started fishing some depressions caught 1 rat red on a gulp. With the wind gusting so darn hard, it was impossible to control the drift. I decided to get out and walk up wind and cast with the wind. This was a good move as I pulled out a couple of slot reds.

After loosing a gulp I picked up my new toy a 7′ St. Croix SC5 custom rod by Dudley Rod. While I was at it I tied on one of my shoe lace lure. 3rd cast fish on… a mid slot red. Brimming with confidence I continue to the use the shoe lace to catch 5 more redfish ranging from rats to 1 over slot until I broke the jig head and was forced to go back to the gulp. I forgot about the wind that was howling and how I was gonna get soaking wet on the ride back. I started to hear an airboats flying across the flats, this noise destroy the mood so I decided to packed it in at about 10:30am… Ahhh… the big reds do like shoe laces after all. Smile