How to tell a fake lifeproof 5 case vs the authentic lifeproof 5 case

There is no doubt that Lifeproof case is the most successful Iphone waterproof case out there. With success comes competition as well as knock offs.

Competition is great as it invites new ideas and innovations. However, knock off/copies on the other hand (copies so identical, down to the name it’s hard to even tell) is going backwards for everyone.

Recently, there has been a bunch of lower priced Lifeproof 5 cases on Ebay that is really cheap.

I decided to buy one just to see what the difference is. There is definitely a difference especially in performance. The fake one it’s hard for people to hear you when you talk. The sound is muffled on both end and the material and constructions is definitely sub par. And I’m willing to bet the units did not get water tested at the factory. 🙂

That being side, the copies are pretty darn good as far as looks goes anyways. If I did not have an authentic one to compare to, it would be very difficult to tell them apart. The packaging was spot on, fonts, inserts, serial #, almost everything was a match. It was not until I set them side by side that I could tell a difference.

Instead of describing the difference(which is tough to do) I will show it to you via video.

The moral of the story is, if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t the real deal. Why try to save a few dollars and risk your expensive Iphone 5? It’s just not worth it IMHO.