How to shoot a self portrait when Kayak fishing that is not the same old lame shots.


When I can only go out fishing for a couple hours I prefer to kayak fish. It is fast, convenient, easy to clean after and you can be pretty stealthy.

When I catch a nice fish, one of the thing that annoys me most is how limited you are, with the inability to take good photos. When fishing solo like I often do, it’s tough to get a good photos to share.


It’s either sitting on your lap or you can set the camera on your kayak and get a hunchback of notre dame shot.

hunchback kayak pose
So the other day I figured a way to get a better shot. Though not perfect by any means, it’s much better than the alternative.

-Iphone with a lifeproof case(water proof)
Handle bar mount(easy mount and pivots for good composition)
-Camera timer app(321 camera timer is what I use as it allows for multi timer shots. it’s 99 cents but I think it’s worth it for the multishot functions.)
-Stake out pole (Wang Anchor is what I use)

The concept is quite easy. Once the fish is landed. You mount the camera/iphone/lifeproof on your stake out pole and stake it out. Set the timer app and take as many cool photos as you want.

This way you get your kayak in there, the scenery as well as your gear and envy try some action shots like water dripping etc. It’s looks a ton better and not to mention you are not hunched over like you are having back issues.

The iphone allows for front facing camera so you can frame your shots properly. Also with the app you can set it for multiple shots as well as the time between shots so you can try different angles and be creative.

Here is quick demonstration video. I wanted to shoot it outside but it was raining today.