Pivot Head, true POV sunglasses camera, sample video ,kayak fishing

If you are a fisherman and a fan of using POV wearable cameras then you know putting a camera on top of head has a few draw backs.

You can’t wear your favorite hats, you have a weight on top of your head, and it looks pretty goofy.

Pivothead as came out with a camera in the form of sunglasses that you can wear. Considering it has a 8mp sensor, shooting 1080p video, and stills the sunglasses actually looks pretty cool. The camera comes with 3 interchangeable lens and most importantly it is polarized. It also comes with a micro usb cable that allows you charge it as well as transfer the data to your computer.

They come in 4 different frames style. I one I tried was the Moab(good for wide face). It’s comfortable to wear and easy to operate. With the built in 8gb of memory, they tell me it records up to 75minutes of video. I gave it try while I was kayak fishing and it worked quite well.

It is not a 170 degree wide angle like most POV cameras. It’s narrow scope and gives you a more realistic perspective.

Here is the youtube video I made so you can be the judge if it is for you.



• Brilliant 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording
• 8MP image Sensor
• Four Focus Options: Auto, Fixed, Continuous, Macro
• 8GB on-board Memory
• Still Image Capture During Video
• Burst Still Image Capture
• Exposure & ISO Settings
• Time Lapse Settings
• Ultra Light Weight Impact – Resistant Frames
• Black & White Video/ Photo Settings
• Polarized, Revo, and Photochromic lenses
• Simple to use – Easy to Share
• Numerous Control Setting Options
• Control Setting Software for MAC, PC, IOS with optional Air Pivothead
• View and Transfer files wirelessly on all mobile devices with Air Pivothead WIFI Drive accessory
• 4 Models, 15 styles