New Fly line management mat by Strip and Feed Research; Toad Loader

*edited to take out negativity.

Today I had a chance to mess with new product that manages fly line on the deck of boat. Not that this is a new idea, there are been several out and the latest one before this being the Line Lair by Carbon Marine you saw here about a year ago when they came out.

To me having competition and choices is good a good thing. The more the merrier.

The new product is called the “Toad Loader” by Strip and Feed Research.

Soft rubber material. The mat has broad conical shape cones that can be stepped on and bounces back. The first shape is oval to reduce line snag. UV coated material made to last in the sun.

Besides trying it out in the lake in the video I have not tested it extensively. They are due out end of March and SFR tells me it will retail for $99.00

The fb page:

Their Website:

Toad Loader, Fly line mat

Crappy Iphone video I got at the pond today.. sorry about all the wind noise.