Shallow water, big results

Winter time fishing on the space coast is heaven on earth to the fisherman that enjoys sight fishing big fish in shallow water. Clear water, beautiful flats, and the hungry big fish that push up on to them to gorge on the buffet of crustaceans and fish that stage here. 

On this particular morning I joined up with my friend Nick to search the shallow flats of Mosquito Lagoon for big redfish and hopefully the seasonal black drum. Blessed with beautiful conditions, we headed out at day break. The day started out with some trout and redfish in the low 20 inch range. 

As we proceeded on we were flagged down by a school of black drum. Typically, in the winter months these black drum make an appearance on the shallow flats in schools in search of crustaceans. An accurate cast with a shrimp on a jighead was greeted with a bite just about every time. 


Some of the fish were pretty excited to see us. 



After the black drum had pushed on we moved north, searching for more. Shortly we came across a school of large, skittish redfish. When fishing shallow water, its crucial to watch your pressure wakes. These fish can sense these waves and causes them to spoke. Watch your footing and try not to shift your weight while approaching shallow water fish. 


These fish fed well once we let them get into their happy spot. 


Assorted dead baits and Slayer Inc. SSB in golden bream rigged weedless enticed these fish.