Inshore Kayak Mothership Trip with

Kayak mothership trip… the words can evoke a variety of emotions and feelings depending on your views of kayak fishing.  Some view it as a waste of time, regressing to a primitive form of fishing especially when a boat is available, but this could not be any further from the truth.

Just to provide a little background:  Kayak fishing offers anglers an incredible degree of stealth on the flats,  enabling them to sneak up on fish that never knew they were there thus making it possible to get fish highly pressured, lock-jawed fish to eat when at times they seem to not want anything.  It also makes it easier to keep the bite going when you find a school of fish because you are able to pull a few more fish out of the school without disrupting and alerting them of your presence.   Additionally, it provides anglers a great amount of independence because they are not bound to the same craft as other anglers.  Each kayaker is able to fish a flat independently of each other without overwhelming the flat and shutting down the bite.

Like anything in life, this choice has its tradeoffs.  Typically when you kayak fish an area you are committing to that area, good or bad, you are there.  The good news is that the small footprint left by the craft should keep the fish present relaxed and eating, the bad news is if there are no fish there, then it will require a significant amount of time and effort to relocate.  Mothershiping kayaks on a boat allows anglers to make big moves if fish are not present and explore areas that are too far of a paddle for a day of fishing and fish the area you can never get to.

That being said, you can imagine that we were all excited when Jason Stock, Cameron Schurlnight, Mike Torregrossa, and I got together for a mothership trip on Jason’s 26ft Hanson bay boat.   Jason is starting to offer mothership trips as part of his charter business and wanted us to come along to use us as guinea pigs to work out the logistics.   Thankfully there was not much to figure out because the Hanson is a perfect boat for carrying kayaks.





All of our equipment fit nicely and we had plenty of storage to spare






Now this is where the mothership really paid off because it was only a few minutes boat ride to get to areas that would not be practical to paddle to in a day trip.



 Mike and Cameron roughed it out on the bean bag



When we arrived near the flat we wanted to fish, we used the trolling motor to ease our way in closer.






Unfortunately, the first location we checked out was a bust, so we tethered the kayaks together and towed them behind the boat to the next location.


This time, we were on the fish.












Turned out to be a fantastic trip that I can’t wait to do again.

If anyone is interested in more information on how go on a similar trip, contact Capt. Jason Stock on his website