Power Pole and Rhodan GPS trolling motor at Gasperilla for perfect anchoring

Here is a little tip I’ve been using if you have a Power Pole and My Rhodan gps trolling motor combination. I was the Gasperilla parade and wanted to get out of the boat so we could mingle with the crowd and see the parade better.

If we would just throw the anchor,or put the power pole down the boat would swing crashing into things. Besides it would be too close the crowd and no telling what drunk person might jump into the boat when we were not looking.

After we got off I just use the remote to move the boat away from the sea wall/crowd. I then press anchor(to keep the bow and position stationary) then put the power pole down for a back up as well as not allowing the boat to swing. It works perfectly for beer storage as well.

When we were done, I used the remote to bring the boat right to us.

Power Pole and Rhodan GPS trolling motor