A little bow time and my Super Bowl Sunday fishing

iday, I got a text from my friend Brain asking if I wanted get out on the water for few hours. As you guys know Salty Fly is only a 20 days away and things are coming down to wire so I have not had much time to fish. The allure of not having to take a boat or all the camera gear with me was tempting.  All I had to do was show up at the boat ramp with my fly rod.

One of the reason I do not fly fish more often is that I often fly fish is the lack of being on the bow and having some one pole me.  This was a great opportunity to get me some bow time.

Being the winter tides we wanted to float skinny. Brian  14′ Shipoke which did the job just fine.  The tiller configured boat floated skinny,  was stable and had good room for 2 people.

Now to the next problem, finding the fish. I poled and poled and poled and for the first 3 hours saw only a couple fish spook off and minimal mullet to zero in on.  It was quite a long first few hours I must admit.



We kept moving as we planned on fishing til about 1pm. Regardless of not seeing any fish, it felt good to be on the bow sight fishing, it’s been a while.DSC_8021-Edit

We 2 hours left until we had to call it day but out next last flat we wanted to check we started to see some fish.  This was a good and bad thing.






It was great to find a few fish but these guys were crazy spooky. As soon as you get out line they would spook after the first false case and many times not even that.


Brian got quite frustrated and then it was my turn to get frustrated. We changed flies, we gave them crazy about  of lead, we even went to the spoon fly. We contemplated getting out wading but we lack and anchor so that was a no go.

As we thought about giving up, the action picked up with birds showering some glass baits around us. I didn’t noticed this at first but in hind sight this was when they started to chew.  In the next 30 minute we I caught 2 and Brian caught 2.

After this the action died and they disappeared as quickly as it began. It was good to finally get out and get some bow time and it’s better being lucky than good.  Thanks Brian!



Above is a photo of my Hobie ProAngler 14 Carbon texture prototype.

I posted that on Facebook and way too many people believed me. Before it got carried away, I had to tell them it was just Photoshopped done in fun.


I did however get a Pro Anlger and Super Bowl Sunday (today as I type this) is my maiden voyage on it. I fished the local waters and mange 3 redfish in my local waters.

I also experimented with the New GoProHero 3 Black edition camera. The above photos is actually shot from the GoPro3. It actually looks pretty good.

I have to say, so far the image and interface on this unit is the best I have every used on any POV camera. I will go into more details as I feel more comfortable using it.