Magic Bottle

Today I stopped at Lehrs Economy Tackle / North Fort Myers ( 239-995-2280 ) to pick up a repaired fly rod.

I had some snake guides that had to be replaced due to wear but mainly from corrosion.

It was on my old Sage 6 WT XP; which I don’t use much and had been stored for quite some time and not cleaned very well prior to storage. ( those who know me would be shocked this even occurred : P )

Anyways, the Staff turned me on to this cleaner made by Penn Reels. It not only cleans and lubricates, but protects the rod and reel and guides; leaving a film that prevents rust from forming at the base of guides.

After arriving home, I cleaned some other fly rods and reels; must say I was impressed. Rods and Reels had a nice shine to them. The rod tube cap and threads got a coating too, and man that liquid worked magic.

Uses also includes boat areas and trailers. Retailed for $ 8.95

Here’s my Iphone 4s images of the bottle :