Fly and Light Tackle Angler Magazine

I remember back in the day, one of my favorite magazine was the Shallow water angler. It was filled with inshore fishing from around the country. Unfortunately a casualty of the economy the magazine ended.

Recently with the advent of tablet magazine Florida based magazine with similar concept has emerged, “Fly and light tackle angler”. The magazine, fully takes advantage of the excellent photography and the multi media that an Ipad has to offer.

It also full of content from fly tying, cooking, new boats, galleries, and many how too videos.

And like all tablet magazines, once you buy the issue it is yours forever. Even if you ipad is lost, broken, or stolen. You would just log back in and re download the issue as they will have records of your purchase.

On the video I show you some of the many features in the first issue. Cost for the magazine is $3.99

You can get the magazine right off of Itunes of app store. Just do a search for Fly and Light tackle and it should come up.