Jan 21st 2013 update, Hull #1 Hellsbay, South Beach, Trump, Project Predator

I have not been posting many reports lately for the simple reason I just have much time to fish much.

So here is what I have been doing the last few days.

Friday I was off to Hell’s Bay  boatworks to get Salty Fly tournament bags. While was there Todd showed the original hull #1 made circa 1997.  It had been in the Bahamas all this time and driven over by Flip Pallot himself.



Also added the Florida state Slam to the J.Stock series. This is now  available in the Salty Shores Store . They are available for Iphone 4/4s/5 and Samsung S3. We will also be adding lifeproof 5 skin soon as well as the “Elite” Series case. We are also adding some really fish artist the the line up which will appear later this week as well.IMG_5644

It off to Miami to chill with some friends for that night. We hit up South Beach and hung out at Mango’s till like 4am. Let’s just say I had too many damn Voka.. and I was hurting the next couple days. If you are ever in town it’s a fun place to hang. Lots of beautiful people and good entertainment. Not cheap but, it’s south beach.



That night I pricelined a place to stay and it picked Doral Golf resort for like $100.00 good deal. Since I had valuable in the truck really did not want to park at crappy hotel.  Did not know it but it is Trump property now.



On the way home got a flat tire on alligator alley which sucked.!IMG_5759


Today I gout for about an hour in they Kayak and got this trout then had to head in.


Went to look a secret skiff project that is coming out soon. I snap some photos of the mold but I’m not allow to show it just yet.


So now back to doing leg work for the Salty Fly for the rest of the week.