Sam Root Print Gallery on Smug Mug

December 12, 2012

It’s been years since people started to ask me to buy prints. I’ve always put it off but today I finally got off my butt and is starting to put a print gallery together. If […]

Female Friday on Instagram

December 7, 2012

As I get more comfortable using Instagram posting I will get a bit more organized with my posting.   So this week I am experimenting with specific subject matters instead of just randomness(this will still […]

We don’t need no push pole

December 4, 2012

Having a hard time telling November goodbye – the fishing has been pretty damn good.  But being that it was 78 degrees in South Carolina on December 3rd, I’m optomistic about the month ahead. One of the coolest things […]

How to film yourself fishing, Iphone, swivl

December 3, 2012

Amazon sells the Swivl here’s the link: With advent of cheap HD recording these days every one is sharing their adventures. Most everyone I know owns a gopro type camera and they either mount […]

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