A $13 dollars IPhoine, Droid usb charger that can charge your device 4 ways.

As you guys know, at times I do quite a bit of traveling. One of the things I always need and at times forget to bring, is a travel charger.

Since me and everyone else is constantly on their phone these days the battery do not last very long. It always run out and I find myself disconnected and going through withdraws lol.

All joking aside, for the $13 this item is tough to beat.

It is not the most powerful usb charger out there so it will not charge an IPAD or bigger tablets. What it does do is have 2 usb output, allows you to use the wall, 2 AA batteries, 9 V battery and cigarette lighter.

Here’s the Amazon link if you find your self needing a charge while home or traveling.


$13.00 USB travel charger from Amazon