End of year fishing in Englewood and river fishing December 2012

Some fun fishing withe friends: All photos taken by the Nikon AW100 point and shoot.

The last couple days I had the chance to get out with some friends.

Saturday I drove down to Englewood Fl to fish with Courtney and Adam. Our first area we were met with some red tide which was evident by the dead mullet floating by.

Adam made a run south and we found some redfish and a couple of nice trout. We called it a day around lunch time.



Lures used in Englewood pot hole fishing we found work:

1/4 oz jig heads in gold rush cals, also Bass assassin swin tail ike you see above ^

Sebile stick shad (the smaller ones)DSCN1518-Edit

Saturday with the front looming, 15-20 mph winds Lauren and I decided to put on our rain jacket and fish the river. The river hasn’t been great but at least we can stay out of the nasty winds that day.

Using jigs and small plugs we manage a snook, a couple jacks and a surprise tarpon before packing it in around lunch time.

The bite wasn’t fantastic but I’m glad we got some fishing in. Lauren will be moving to the keys soon so I’ll be visiting her there.. yaaaay for free room and board in the keys. lol



Lures we used today and found success…

Mirror Glass

Mirrodine Mini

Logic lure

One thing in common about these lures was the color.. Black back with gold tones.. the larger lures wasn’t really working today.

The paper clip looking thing you see in the photos is a little gadget called Tactical Angler Clip. It allows me to change lures in 5 seconds. Also it saves me from retying all the time which can get quite annoying. As you can see the fish does not mind at all.

Many shops do not carry them so we started to carry them in the Saltyshores store. $5.95 for 10 clips. If you don’t loose via break offs, it will out last your lure.