Cayo SUP review, fishing specific stand up paddle board.

I posted some information about a local company building a fishing specific standup paddle board last week here on Saltyshores and Facebook. It got some pretty big interest from the local fishing community interested in the vessel.

Cayo’s Facebook Page


As many of you know, I do not like talking about products from reading press release. This last Friday though it was blowing 25mph and cold I wanted to take some photos and take the boat for paddle. The original plan was to actually fish for a couple hours but that wasn’t going to happen with the conditions we had.

Cayo SUP and Boatworks is based out of Pinellas Park Florida. Though they have plans for building other models the current one is a 13′ fishing specific sup. When I say fishing specific I do not mean a sup that some one stick a rod holder on and call it their “fishing model”. This is a new mold design from the group up to fish out of.

Some of the features that makes this a fishing sup. The boat is built with wide and stable. It is stable enough where you will feel comfortable fly fishing from. It has built in toe rails to keep fly line and any gear you might have laying around on the deck of the sup. Many sup out there has a rounded deck. This is great for shedding water but if you’re fishing anything you have laying will eventually roll off the board especially in not so calm waters.

The toe rail goes pretty much all the way back of the board. The back then opens up allow for water to drain away. At the ends and one slot in the middle, the boards has carrying handles. Speaking of carrying, at about 45lbs one person can carry the sup.

The front of the boat has a sharp boat like v entry. This cuts through waves and allows it to be quiet as possible when on the skinny water. Many of the current sup are a surf board like entry which can be very noisy. In the surf industry it doesn’t matter but when in skinny water approaching spooky fish it definitely matters.

The bottom of the board has 2 strakes in the back to help the sup paddling straight. There is also an optional keel system in the back as well if you need it.

The sup is hand laid fiber glass and comes in a multitude of colors and configurations. You can pick the deck one color and the hull another, just like you can a skiff.


The based model is price at about $1300 which is quite competitive for semi-custom board, especially ones handmade right here in the USA.

If you are into fishing out of SUP it’s definitely worth a look into especially if you are in the Tampa area.





Here is the more subjective opinion stuff:

Fish ability and stability is excellent for a stand up paddle board. Weight at about 45lb is good but I would like to see it lighter. They tell me a Kevlar one is in the works.

Priced at $1300 for custom sup board is great. Fit and finish is average to good, but considering the price point it is not bad at all. It is better than some skiffs I’ve been on.