AR Lures Pencil, made from BASS wood and hand painted top water lure, icast 2012

I know you lure fisherman love your top water strikes. When I ran across this lure by AR Lures at ICAST I ask for a sample to try. Problem is.. I got lost in my garage during unpacking. Well today I ran into it while cleaning up and I want you guys to check it out.

Quick Specs on the lure:
3.6″ and 90mm
1/2oz , 12 grams

Hand painted and made out of BASS wood. The lure has a small rattle to it and looks beautiful.

I have not tried it out just yet but hope fully my schedule will free up and give it a go soon.

You can check out their page on Facebook:

or their website:

ar lures, pencil top water lure