Match the ballyhoo hatch with the Mirror minnow

I have to be honest. Even though I’ve had the mirror minnow in my tackle bag for quite some times it rarely gets used. You can’t blame me because using my go to lure has always worked so why mess with success right?

Today things changed a bit. I fished with Hank and James for a few hours in the morning and for the first 1 hour we got nothing. There were bait and mullet around us so I knew there had to some predator fish around. As the tide starts to move faster the bait started to get spooked which means a predator is chasing them. However we still did not get any eats. I tried all my usual, mirror dine mini, stick shad, gold rush etc to no avail.

Then I started to noticed the bait being chased were long and skinny totally unlike the lures I’ve been trying. These were small ballyhoo. I looked in the tackle bag and find that I had some mirror minnow around. That changed the game. Six cast in I started to get some strikes. First 4 fish were trout, then a few more red fish. The guys noticed this and quickly changed and they too got eats.

Since they were not very aggressive today, we had to work the lure with quite a bit of a pause. This was when 90% of the strike happened.

When the fish is stubborn, like today, sometime, a lure you never really used can save the day if it matches the hatch. Today it was the Mirror Mullet that saved us.

On a side note, I converted James and Hank to a Tactical clip users. They saw, even on finicky days, how the fish totally did no mind. 🙂

Here are some images from today. I did some HDR type editing on them. I was just bored of the same old look .