How to film yourself fishing, Iphone, swivl

Amazon sells the Swivl here’s the link:

With advent of cheap HD recording these days every one is sharing their adventures. Most everyone I know owns a gopro type camera and they either mount it or wear it. Besides making for some static boring videos the audio is usually terrible. That is the reason why 99% of the go pro video you see has music covering the background.

A ton of people also own Iphone 4/4s. The Iphone 4/4s has an excellent camera. However recording yourself fishing using one was very impractical. It was tough to mount and with someone holding it can make for jerky video at best.

If you are into recording your adventures or just doing a cooking how to at home, there is a product that came out that can solve many of these problems. The product is called a SWIVL. It holds you Iphone and makes it so that it follows you around the room/boat/garage and record great audio.

It is a two part system. The base that holds the phone with tilt and swivel function and the dongle (that the base follows) that acts a remote and a mic as well. The base has a 1/4″ mount so it is very versatile when it comes to mounting options as well as being flat so it can set on a flat surface. I had mine on a tripod while recoding this video and it works just dandy. I have also set it on a poling platform it recorded me fishing.

The unit uses AA batteries while the remote dongle uses AAA batteries. This makes for back up batteries easy to carry with you.

Once you buy the unit, there is a free app you download that allows for easy configurations. You can use a small camera as well and it will work( follows you) but it will lack the mic function as well as the pause/record function.

If you’re into recording yourself for projects and can’t afford a camera crew or a buddy to hold the camera this might be the toy for you.

Amazon sells it: