CLUTCH fly rods review and write up by Ron Ratliff

By now you have prolly heard of the new fly rod company, Clutch Fly Rods. This company was started by fishermen. They make these rods right here in the good ole USA!!

I had the privilege to get my chubby lil hands on one before they went to market. I took it out of the box, slapped my reel on it, walked out my front door to test it out. This rod is amazing, it’s light, fast, and extremely accurate. It takes little or no effort to make beautiful cast.

The next day I decided to water test it. We took it to the marsh, where we encountered many hungry redfish. It was a nice day, clear sky’s, with 10 knot winds. The wind was no issue, the rod punched large flys with no issues.

My largest fish of the day landed was a 15 pound red with an attitude, it turned the charging fish with no problem.

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