Tampa, the beginning of winter low tide fishing 2012

I awake at 3am and just couldn’t get back to sleep. After catching on some emails and updated the Salty Fly 2013 roster it was still dark outside. I gulped down 2 cups of green tea and now I wanted to go fishing. 10-15mph winds and low tide, my favorite type of winter fishing.

I threw the standup paddle board in the back of the truck I was off before the sun came up. It was 54 degrees but the wind it seem much colder. This called for a couple layers. Simple set up today with one spinning rod and the 9 wt with only one fly tied on.

After a short paddle pre sunrise I started to push mullet around. Picked up the DOA gold rush cal combo and started the fan casting. On the 2nd cast, this chunky redfish gulped it down. Now for the fun part, trying to take a grip and grin shot on the SUP. It was a bit trick but I manage a couple decent shot before letting him go before I lean too much and dunk my camera.

I took out the fly rod and striped out some line. I started casting movement and likely areas like pot holes and points. The yielded one small red fish and few small trout. I put fly rod away and moved on the next area as the tide falls even more. I went ahead and change lure to the Logic Lure Wiggly jiggly head and a Logix body with the same coloration as the gold rush, my confidence color. I wanted to give their jig head a good work out. They were cool enough to also gave me extra lures so I can do a little Saltyshores give away contest soon. T

The SUP was stealthy over the skinny waters, but with no light yet I really did not have much of an advantage. I started to spook a few fish near a drop off. This prompted me to drop anchor as I work the area more thoroughly. This was a great idea as on the 4th cast I got another nice redfish, this time on the Logic lure. Taking the hook out of the fish when it’s deep took a little of learning curve but other than that it worked nicely.

After this fish the tide slow to a halt and fishing pretty much died off. All I could manage the next couple hours was small trout and snooklets. I was tired,hungry, thirsty and done by 11am. The worst party of the trip was being all that then having paddle back against the wind. On the bright side, I burn extra calories today and get to eat more. 🙂

I updated live on Instagram this morning.