Tampa Triple Tail fishing 2012 season, Fly fishing

Short video clip of one of the eats today on fly.

Triple Tail fishing in the west coast has been really good the past few weeks. I’ve been so darn busy I have not had a chance to get out and try it just yet. Today was the day though. With bright sunny skies and fairly low winds it was a good set up not to give it a go.

Met my buddy Mark about 10am and started to drive around the crab traps looking for triple tail floating in the current. It did not take long to find a few. I think we fished for about 4 hours saw about 20 or so triple tail. We manage to catch 9 of them through out the day.

Mark got 6 on live shrimp and I got 2 on fly and one on the unfair lure shrimp. Our Ratio might have been better if all we did was throw shrimp. Since 90% of them were undersize we figure we would be sporty and go the fly and artificial route at first.

Here is the eat using the Unfair Lure Shrimp and a reel shrimp. The first clip I got the fly stuck in the trap, then cast a lure into it.

Unfair Shrimp