2013 Hellsbay Marquesa test ride

Quick blog using the Iphone as the camera.


So today I had a chance to visit and firm up stuff with Salty Fly 2013 sponsors. The fist stop was Power Pole JL Marine.

It just so happen they were having a fish fry today. I had a good lunch and got their support for the Salty Fly 2013.

Looks like Power-Pole will be hooking us up with 6′ Power Pole for the free raffle.

When I left they were having a casting contest in the parking lot in their new building. Good moral building stuff for the crew.

The Power Pole Galaxy S3 case I dropped off as a sample for them.




My next stop was to head over to O’Neil’s Marina to check out the new 2013 Hellsbay Marquesa. I have been on my friend, Captain Joe Gonzalez’s Marquesa quite a few times so I knew what to compare it to.

If you didn’t pay much attention at first glanced it look pretty much the same. Then you would noticed that they had taken the sponsons out completely.

In theory, this will make the boat run faster, turn better, better efficiency due to less drag and no misty spray on your back when the boat runs. This is common on boats with sponsons.

Today the bay was blowing 15-20 mph with white caps around. It was a good day to test a boat. The first run was out of the channel in calm waters as it was protected. and we made the run using the E-tec 115hp. With two people on board I saw 49.7 mph on the gps before we slowed down. The pick up was much faster vs the old design and the boat seem to ride a bit higher as well. The is about 5 mph(or about 10%) faster vs the old hull.  As we stopped I check to see if there was any water come over the transom. It was dry and my back was not wet from water spray so that issue was solved.

Speaking of the back, they also change the way the back hatch open. Instead of the lid opening towards the side of the boat, it now opens towards the back allowing for a little better access.

Now it was time to take it into the white caps. Going into the waves it was quite dry for a skiff.  Putting tabs down allow you to cut through them nicely. It would definitely be a good boat to make the run to the Marquesa(keys) with and not afraid of the run back if the weather builds.

Quartering seas in the rough conditions we did get some misty spray. The wind blew over some water on us but were were not drenched like some skiff would be. The built in spray rails helped out nicely there. They tell the cap is 3″ wider as well but from my angle I could not really tell.

The people who has poled it told me it spins a bunch better than the old design. I will try to get back on it to try the poling part soon.

Oh, and ate a slice of pizza when I was there. Man I gotta stop eating bad food so much. But that stuff taste so darn good!

Sorry for the lack of  quality photos, I wasn’t really prepared to take photos today.

I believe Saturday they will be taking Veterans out fishing in Bradenton Sarasota area.

They will be back at O’neil’s Marina on Sunday for another demo day.



More info: http://hellsbayboatworks.com/hb-events-single/november-18-st.-petersburg-fl


Standard Specifications
  • Weight- 695 lbs.
  • Draft- 7″ with engine & fuel
  • Length- 18′ 1″
  • Beam- 79″
  • Recommended Power- 90 hp – 115 hp
Full specs here: