Fishing with the Wiggly Jiggly guy

Saturday I had a commitment to shoot a weeding down in Englewood, Florida. The lighting could not have been better. I would have stayed longer but I had to be up the next morning to fish with Brandon from Logic Lures.

I met the LL lure guys in ICAST and they had the Wiggly Jiggly jig heads to show me. They also had a variety of scented soft plastics that works well with their series of jig heads and clips. Besides I was dieing to test my new upgrade I had installed last week; the new Power Pole Blade with C-Monster interface.

8′ Power Pole Blade with C Monster interface

We also had Everett on board today. The idea of the trip was to get some cool footage for their promotional video so I did my best to kept me language to PG-13.

Brandon asked me what I wanted to use in his arsenal of lures I opted for for the 1/8th oz jig head with a Plistix body in Rootbeer/chartreuse tail. We worked the incoming tide and caught a couple trout and Brandon got a nice flounder which quickly find it’s way to my cooler. The bite was slow but after a quick move we got on a nice and steady snook bite.

As the tide got higher and higher I opted to go to a 1/4oz jig head as the fish were laying on the bottom. I also moved on to the my favorite color for this area gold/black(gold rush) colors. Not sure if this did the trick or not but I have to say most of the fish were caught on this combination.

The nice bite at the end will provide some cool video footage as Everett manage to get the cast, hook set and landing on video. We landed probably 12 snook and 1 more redfish before the tide came to a halt around 1130am. This is the customary lunch time/calling it a day signal for me and today was not difference.

We made a stop at Little Harbor resort on the water to grab a quick lunch before calling it a successful outing.

Tiki Shrimp appatizer
Tiki Shrimp appatizer