2012 Salty Fly Bahamas at the Abaco Beach Resort in Marsh Harbor

I have been to the Bahamas a total of 2 times. One time to the fall in Andros the the other time was to Long Island Key in the spring. Both of these trips the weather was horrible for the post part. 20-35mph winds, over cast skies and at times raining. So when we schedule the Salty Fly Bahams for the Island of Abaco I figure the third time must be the charm for good weather.

Then the super storm/hurricane Sandy appears and started to head our way. On the route to the northeast the went right through the Bahamas. I was a bit worried but I also know of all the people that can handle hurricanes the Bahamian people were one of the most prepared for it.

G.Loomis NRX 7wt

With a week before the tournament and everyone that was going was calling or texting me with their concerns. I told them the Bahama waters gets cleaned up in 48 hours from storms and not to worry. Of course I wasn’t 100% but we made a few phone calls and everything was a OK.

I made the trip there a day early to ordinate the event. I was in Montana the week before so I had a few things to do before leaving. One was picking the Tournament shirts from Redzone. Jay was cool enough to meet me on the interstate so I would not be late for my flight down in Fort Lauderdale. At the parking garage I was met with a courier to pick up the G.Loomis NRX 7wt for one of the main prizes. As you can tell that day was a hectic day.

AT the Fort Lauderdale airport it was nice and quiet unlike Tampa, Miami, Denver and New York City. Not a lot of people and 20 man flight over was smooth as can possibly expect to be. The weather for cast for this week was beyond expectations. Clear skies, sunny and winds 5 to 10mph. If you are a sight fishing fly fisherman this is dream weather and we hit just right. Looking over as I fly over the island the water looked all cleaned up.

Once on the ground the only formality was going through customs. Walking outside they had taxi’s with a big Salty Fly Bahamas sign awaiting us.

The very short ride from the small airport was brief but very interesting. Unlike all the island I have been too we drove by KFC and a some other recognizable places and best of all my Verizon phone and full signals.

After the check it at the Abaco Beach Resort I walked into my room which by US hotel standards was massive. The place has balcony, king size bed, AC, bar sink, coffee maker, and satellite TV. Best of all however was the free WI-FI which was faster than the free Wi-Fi I get in the states. It seems crazy I know. This means I can keep up to date, deal with emails and social media etc.

The view from the rooms.

Abaco Beach Resort

The next day everyone arrived and checked into the their rooms. The scheduled dinner consist of a 4 course meal consisting of appetizer, soup, main dish and desert. Conch fritters was the appetizer what else right? The main dis was chicken and fish followed by key lime pie for the desert. All this while going over the plans for the next day.

After the dinner and captain’s meeting everyone rolled out to the tiki bar to have a few more drinks before calling it a night.

6am was the call for breakfast where everyone got to order of the Salty Fly menu. 7am we loaded the boats and off we go looking for bonefish in the Abacos.

The Fishing was excellent. Every stop were made the bone fish were there.  Now getting to eat was a different story. It can be a bit frustrating when you come across fish and not able to get them to eat your fly. The fishing was great the catching was tough however.  Brian Sawyer was the bigger winner the Friday catching the most fish and nice 8lb bonefish.


Photo I got while snorkeling the nearby flats

The catered road side lunch was awesome. A car actually met us up at the near by flats, pulled out the umbrella and served us gourmet sandwiches.

 When we got back and down a few Kalik(the local beer) we sat to have dinner and discuss tomorrow’s plan. The lobster dinner was delicious

Though Brian was the man on Friday Kevin Smith took the win on Saturday when it counted landing three bonefish on fly via wading to take the gold.

Overall the bonefish were plentiful but at times getting them to eat was tough. A few of the guys took a 1/2 day trip the next day and got 10 bonefish each before having to be back at the airport by noon. At one time I had dozens of tailing bonefish around me and saw lots of schools. I just did not capitalize on my hook ups. That is how fishing goes at times.

After the day’s fishing we headed over to a near by island called Hope Town. The area where everyone goes to do some surfing and also houses the oldest working manually operated light house.

At the top of the oldest working manual light house in Hope town.

awesome surfing beaches are also in Hope Town.

That evening it was time to relax. We hit the near by restaurants and down some adult beverage to celebrate a successful event. Curl tails (awesome plantain’s encrusted grouper) and Snappa’s were the two places of note.

The classic blurry celebration photo



  The group shot on celebration night at the Curly Tails restaurant

The locals were friendly enough to snap our group shots

This was an excellent trip and with the best amenities  I’ve had fishing the Bahamas.  If you’re looking to get to the Bahamas to do some great bonefish but do not want to be totally remote you should look into the Abacos. We are already talking to the lodge to make plans to revisit.

If you’re interested in joining shoot me an email sam@saltyshores.com

The last trip cost $1099.00 for a 3 days stay at the Abacos Beach Resort, the price included flights, meals, hotel stay and fishing. We fly in on Thursday and fly out on Sunday.

Once we nailed down the details I will email it to people that are interest.