SONY Action POV camera review by Lee Oung


Quick Sony Action Camera review:

This is a quick review of the Sony Action Camera WiFi model. I’ve read the reviews on Amazon and like the fact that the fisheye effect is minimal and that it can do 120fps in 720P mode. I like the fact that the WiFi is built in and I can use my smart phone to frame my shots, download clips, and quickly edit them and upload to youtube without the need for a computer.

I will not be doing a GoPro comparison since I do not own a GoPro. This camera has it’s own pros and cons and you can decide on your own if they are deal breakers. You can see the 1080p video in this review and decide for yourself if you like it better than the GoPro.

The camera itself is pretty tiny as you can see from the pictures. It comes with a USB cable but no charger. You can charge it with most Android device charger since the camera uses micro usb port or just use the usb cable with your Iphone charger. I was able to charge it using my Newtrent portable battery charger also. Unfortunately, you can’t use the camera while it is charging. Full charging from completely drain battery takes 3 hours.

It comes with one flat adhesive mount, one curved surface mount, and a waterproof case. Headband is an additional $25 and headband with waterproof is $30. This is just one of those afterthought that a product engineer did not account for.

The advantage to the non waterproof headband is that the audio captured is not muffled since the camera is not in it’s waterproof housing. You can hear the difference in the video when the camera is mounted in it’s waterproof housing.

I did not get a chance to test the 120fps since I was more interested in the everyday 1080p 30fps footage. This is my first POV camera and I wanted to see how shaky the footage is when I am fishing and not mindful of the camera. I also wanted to see how sharp the video is in bright daylight once blown up on my Samsung 55 inch LED.

The waterproof mount accepts standard screw in tripod mount or you can slide it on to one of the adhesive mount. The camera does however, get pretty hot in the sun inside the waterproof mount.

The headband needs a redesign. It has no horizontal adjustment and more importantly, no angle up or down adjustment. I find that in real life use, the camera is aiming too high and the horizon is not centered.

The unedited and edited 1080p footage using Sony Vegas is pretty sharp. It is no match for a Canon HFS 10 but it is probably on par with most high end smart phones. In 1080p mode, I was able to record about 90 minutes of non continuous video or 10 GB of video before the battery died. So for continuous shooting, it should last 2 hours as advertised. You will still needs to carry an extra battery since you can’t power it externally while shooting.

Overall I like the camera but I do hope they will redesign the headband. The WiFi feature works as advertised but you won’t be using it much during real shooting if you are out fishing. It does come in handy for watching your footage afterward without the need to wait and come home an unload the clips on your computer. This way you can see if you nailed that last recording or missed it entirely. Plus your buddy can download the same clip right there with you without having to wait.

The camera sells on at $270.00 for the kit.