13 Fishing Envy Rod Review

13 fishing Envy 7’3″

Medium Heavy power
Extra Fast Action
Lure wt. 3/8- 3/4 oz
Line wt. 8-14 lb

Retail: $250


13 fishing’s Envy line of rods is the companies highest offering in their product line.  Priced at $250 dollars, it breaks into a category where refinement and attention to detail is expected, and 13 fishing does not fall short in any way.  The rod has every bit the appearance of a Japan Domestic Market (JDM) rod well above its price point.   The rod is equipped with a downlocking  real seat that is very comfortable to hold and leaves no exposed threads to the touch.  I tested the reel seat on a variety of reels (Shimano Stella 4000 FE, Daiwa Ballistic 3000, Quantum EXO 30) and all reels fit securely. The rod handle is built with a combination of cork and EVA foam.  This combination was quite pleasing to the touch.  The cork did have some signs of pitting after a couple months use, but still felt like quality cork, perhaps not the highest grade but still one that would be acceptable for a rod at this price point.

The rod handle is garnished with various winding checks and carbon scrim accents that add to the aesthetics of the rod.

The hook keeper is located on the top of the rod, opposite to the guides of a spinning rod.  The hook keeper held baits well and did not get in the way while fishing.

The rod has a split grip and the butt of the rod is made out of EVA with a couple different winding check accents to add to its visual appeal.



The thread work and epoxy is very clean on this rod.  The guides used are black recoil guides finished with a titanium tip.   While more elaborate thread work could be possible, overall, the workmanship is of very high quality.


I was not able to weigh the rod to see how heavy it is, I can say that it is a  light weight rod.  It is not the lightest rod out there, but it being heavy is not something that comes to mind when holding it and it kept fatigue at a minimum while spending the day throwing lures on the water.

Now to the real world tests…

I tested this rod over a couple of months in brackish water targeting bass.  The rod performed well when casting baits in the  3/8- 3/4 oz range that it is rated for.  I first started using this rod to throw jigs into heavy cover that was submerged at a depth of about 10-20 ft.  The rod proved to be very responsive and sensitive and was able to tackle resident bass out of the structure with ease.  While fishing, we occasionally bumped into snook which proved to be a greater test for the rods power.  Again the rod performed well and we were able to pull the fish out of cover.

On a different occasion we found some fish concentrated in deep underwater structure that were readily eating plugs.  While not ideal for this application due to its extra fast taper, the rod still performed well and was able to pull the fish out of structure.  Although we did loose a few fish to “short” strikes and fish going airborne and throwing the plugs.  This would be a problem mittigated by using a model with a more moderate action than this extra fast stick.

Perhaps my favorite application for this rod is throwing large frogs into lily pads and brush using 20lb braid. The rod proved to be excellent at casting frogs and even more so at pulling them away from trouble.

Overall, the Envy line of rods does its name justice because its “JDM like” styling is sure to turn some heads.  That coupled with good performance and many features will make this rod a contender in the industry.