Hook and Line Hog Fish, Triple tail with Jason and Jeremy Stock

It has been a while since I gout on the water with my good friend Jason Stock. Jason has gotten a new boat since the last time we fished in February.

Today we headed to near shore waters to target the elusive hog fish(at least on hook and line). Using shrimp as bait the bite was quite fast and furious. After weeding through some grunts we brought in a a few nice Hog Fish and a few under size guys. The ledge we fish apparently had a few barracuda as well. That became apparent when we pulled half of a hog fish. The Cuda was a nice heft one. We rigged up a stinger rig and tossed out a blue runner and it didn’t take long for the Cuda to inhaled it.

The flounder grounds yielded a couple babies. The real treat was being able to dive with a pod of wild manatee slowly grazing the grass beds.

Triple Tail

On the way back, we got into some triple tail on the traps. It was fun but none were legal size to keep. They would have been delicious indeed. We attempted some drops for mango snapper but all we caught were blue runners and jacks. Before the packed it in we used them for Goliath Grouper. Under gunned with only 100lb test leader we went 0 for 5.

Thanks Jason we will the big guns out next time!