Silver in the Fall

I made a decision earlier this year to take time off from guiding starting this Fall.  I set forth to rediscover the feeling of being the dude on the bow of the skiff facing a great technical fishery right at my doorstep.  Of coarse, this can only be possible with an alternative source of income as I am no trustafarian.  This past summer was all all about calm windless days, waving flags, and lots of copper.  The days spent on the water this Fall amongst friends was set in the Everglades and upper end of the Florida Keys, primarily focusing on silver-clad gamefish.













The shameless plug this time goes to Maverick Boat Company.  My first ride in a new Mirage 18 HPX-V was back in 2009 and from there-on, I knew this was to be my next skiff.  I sold my 17 Mirage HPX-V shortly after that demo ride and have been fishing in my 18 HPX-V for the last couple of years.  For my style of fishing, the 18 Mirage was just the work horse technical fishing platform I needed.  A Mercury 115 Optimax ProXs found it’s way on my transom this past year, replacing the 90 horsepower Yamaha I had originally hung on the skiff.  This set-up is perfect, achieving fuel efficient 40mph cruise speeds and top speeds in the low to mid 50s.  The extra 6lbs on the transom was negligible taking into account the extra speed gained from the motor swap.  Recent fishing trips and tournament days have really pushed the limits of this great skiff… traveling over 100 miles a day, covering lots of water, getting there at just the right tide, and remaining stealthy once arriving at the stalking grounds.  Kudos to Maverick as all performance expectations were exceeded.  It is almost time for a new skiff soon and I may actually have an itch for something a little bit different.  Though the idea a new skiff is tempting, it is difficult to not to fish another season out of my 18 Mirage.  I guess time will tell…