Full moon, time to do an overnighter???

I love this time of year, the days are cool, the bait is plentiful, and the fish feed like pigs.  Sometimes I feel like it’s more like catching than actually fishing, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  Earlier in the week I checked the weather and decided to make a run offshore on Saturday, the day of the full moon.  Almost everyone you talk to in regards to full moon fishing offshore will tell you the bite is better at night and slow during the day.  I’ve always disagreed with that theory.  I think it doesn’t matter if it is day or night, the full moon brings strong currents and THAT is what triggers the bite.  Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I want to believe I’m right, the thing I do know is that I hate sleeping on the boat and my bed so much more comfortable.  I guess in my older age I’d better get it done during the daytime or it isn’t going to get done.

It has been over two months since I’ve seen the boat.  When I laid my eyes on her yesterday she didn’t look anything like I remembered.  She was dirty and covered in bird crap, however she was still a sight for sore eyes.  We loaded all the gear and ice, and headed out to about 100 foot depth.  We attempted to slow troll some runners on the first spot, but all we could manage were big amberjacks.  Although fun on 20lb spinning gear, it wasn’t exactly the kind of thing I wanted to do all day.  I watched the crew sweat it out cranking on those reef donkeys and I didn’t want any part of it.  Consider me none and done, I learned from their mistakes.


After getting a little quick morning workout in we decided to move a few miles and see if we could find a few grouper.  Not to disappoint us they were home and hungry.  We also stumbled across some very large and hungry mango snappers.  Some of the biggest I’ve seen in years.  They didn’t have any trouble eating palm sized pinfish and grunts on 80lb leaders with 10/0 hooks.  The bite was solid and fast, not bad for a daytime full moon trip.  I’ll leave those overnight trips for the hardcore guys.