Pompano vertical jigging, being Boarded by armed coast guards, Sebile Fast Cast


I got out with my buddy Hank to do some fall Pompano fishing. Being organized as usual I left all my heavier jigs at home and could not get my jig to the bottom. Then I remember having a couple of the small Sebile fast cast in my box. These worked so well in deeper water on the east I figured why not.


Sebile FastCast
Sebile FastCast

First cast I was hooked up and landed a nice pompano. Pleasantly surprised how well it worked the next fish was a black drum and then a trout. Not sure if it was the Fast Cast or not the bite was excellent. Fishing around structure it did not take long for me to lose the 3 jigs I had the bag however. One to the bottom, one to the trolling motor fighting a fish and another into the piling when a big black drum ran into it.

By 1030am we had 7 Pompano in the well and the bite slowed down so this call for the run home. This is usually not very exciting unless you did what we did that day.

We saw a big ship that was escorted by two boats. Not knowing any better, we ran across the channel to get to the other side several 100 yards (1/4mile) ahead of the big ship. Big mistake. The rule these days is that if a ship is being escorted you are to be outside the channel and give them 1000 yards behind and 1000 yards a head.

The manned with automatic weapon coast guard boat turned around, hit their lights on and came straight at us. They boarded the ship, got all registration and ID info. The result this time was a citation warning. Next time $1,000.00 fine.. then next time $32,000.00 fine.

All I said was sorry.. won’t happen again!

Just a FYI for those that did not know like us!

Boarded by the Coast Guard