Salty Fly Bahamas 2012 info, Nov 1st to 4th 2012

First let me say that the Salty Fly Bahamas will not be replacing the regular Salty Fly which will be on the weekend of Feb 23rd 2012.

The Bahamas Salty Fly is a fun travel concept that we are putting together for interested folks. The concept is to encourage people to travel and experience fishing adventures outside their normal routine.

Limited to only 20 people the event will we held at the Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbor.

Their Facebook Page:

The date is set for November 1st to 4th of 2012.

Here is the basic itinerary:

  • Fly in on Thursday and have dinner
  • Fish Friday (scouting): breakfast, fish, lunch, fish, dinner and captain’s meeting
  • Fish Saturday (tournament): breakfast, fish, lunch, fish, tournament .. hit the town for dinner and party
  • Fish Sunday(or relax): breakfast, fish or chill, fly out

Everything has been finalized and we got a great package deal for everyone.

Abaco Beach Resort: host and prize
G.Loomis: product and prize
Redzone Apparel: Shirt sponsors

Complete detail and sign up information in the next couple days.