Soloskiff review preview

Had the chance to check out the Soloskiff I talked about here a few months ago. Tom was coming into town and wanted to me ride in one before he moved on.

This was great chance to jump into a cool little skiff and get a real world feel of it.

Now, that being said, I am packing for the striper run Montauk New York. This does not allow much time to type anything coherent at the moment. I will do more a concise review of the skiff when I get back in town.

I just wanted to show you a few photo I have to bolt.

The check them out go to

They also have a facebook page where you can ask them questions directly.

The boat sells for $2600 Plus cost of motor.

The Standard  position for poling

of course me wanting to push the limits did a stability and flotation test on the bow.


Loading the soloskiff back on the truck. Raw unedited so you get the entire concept.