Don’s Bait and Tackle snook/redfish tournament Oct 10th 2012

Here’s some info. on an informal tourn. we’re putting together. It’s just a way of getting a bunch of anglers together for a good time and giving away some (much needed) cash.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to cal or email.






Red/ Snook Tourn. Rules


  • The single largest snook and redfish win! You can NOT change the length of your fish via stomping, squishing, stretching or any other attempt to change the natural length of the fish. Altered fish will be disqualified.  The length is measured with a pinched tail.
  • There are no rules on where you can fish or how you can fish. This way there is no way anybody can cheat because there are no rules to break.
  • A tourn. supplied measuring device will be handed out the morning of check-in. This device must be clearly visible in the photo of the fish. Your photo must show the entire fish and measuring device. You must supply your own digital camera.
  • Check in is at Don’s by 6:00 am and you must be back at Don’s no later than 6:00 pm. No entries will be accepted after 6:00 pm.
  • Entry fees must be paid by Oct. 10th to be entered in the tourn.
  • Payout will go as follows. From 1- 20 teams (40 anglers) all money spilt between largest snook and redfish (up to $1500.00 each species); from 20 teams on (40 + anglers) second largest fish of each species splits money after first place payout. All Money Collected will be paid out.  In the event of a tie money is split between fish.
  • Entry fee is $75.00 per angler.
  • To determine the winners all participates names will be placed in a hat and 5 names will be drawn. These 5 random people will be the tourn. committee and will view the winning photos. A majority consensus is needed to decide if the fish wins. If the committee agrees by majority then that fish wins if not, we go to the next biggest fish and so on.