Ashley’s of Don’s Bait and Tackle How to tie his bend back Fly, AC Laid Back Fly

The AC Laid Back by Ashley of Don’s Bait and Tackle in Homestead, FL.

Here’s my variation on a bend back style fly. The great thing about Ben back patterns is they ride hook up and the materials act as a weed guard. This variation has a large head for pushing water and allows for not only sight casting but, works well for pounding shorelines. A customer recently picked some up in a peacock bass color scheme and liked the fact that he could throw the fly up on the bank and drag it in the water, directly in front of the fish with it snagging.

Also, after much debate I’ve decided to go back to naming my patterns not so much out of ego but, the inability I’m having understanding which flies people are asking questions about and ordering. After almost 20 years of tying I’ve regressed back to trying to come up with witty and catchy names.

Hook: Gamakatsu B10 Stinger #1/0
Thread: Match fly
Body: unique (supreme or ultra hair), SF Fiber, and Ice wing
Head: dubbing of your choice
Eyes: 3D epoxy