Fall Surf Expo 2012, Sazzi Footwear, Outdoor Boating and fishing shoes

I was at Fall Surf Expo 2012 for a day looking around to see if there’s anything interesting going on.

I noticed this shoe that caught my eye. It’s Sazzi sandals, a brand new company started by one of the guys involved in Teva shoes. I love sandals but can never find one that works well in boating situations.

Sazzi Sandals
Sazzi Sandals

Inspired by the Anasazi Indians, the shoe looks quite interesting. The Eco friendly sandal had five toes and four toe strings.

EVA foam so it does not smell or absorb water.
Non marking grippy soles.
Multi toe for better grip.
Muilt toe rings so you don’t slip out of them like normal sandals.
The guy tells me it is a lifetime warranty.

They had a show special so I bought a pair to try and will let you know how it works out. I wore it all day and sees very comfortable. Next test will be when I’m boating, fishing , paddle board and kayaking. Lets see if it holds up and what other weaknesses that comes up.