Fall Surf Expo 2012 Orlando, Saltyshores Mouse Pads and Black Chrome Tarpon Iphone 4/4s case and Lifeproof Skin


Yesterday I had a cool gig as I was hired to do shoot some event photos of a Microsoft conference. No I didn’t get to play with new next or anything like that. But I did get to see some cool Windows 8 and some new cool phones. Man that phone os is blazingly fast! I’ve had smart phones for the very begging, from palm, nokia os, black berry, iphone, droids and windows ce. Hopefully I get to play with one here soon. At any rate, it was a long day but it went smoothly.

It’s 5:50am as I type this and I’m packing to go to Surf Expo in Orlando. Surf, as they call it is a industry dealer/media show for the beach/skate/surf/outdoor apparel/water/resort industry. I will be bringing the video camera and hope to get some cool gadgets I can show you guys.

Speak of gadgets.. here a a couple new items available at the Saltyshores Store. I am thinking about turning it into a lifestyle store instead of just a schwag store. Basically it will mean I want to carry some of the gear that we use for the saltwater lifestyle. We already carry Lifeproof but want to add other waterproof gear, portable battery chargers, heck maybe some hard to find fishing etc. Not fishing rods and and reels though.

Saltyshores Black Chrome Iphone4/4s case and Lifeproof skin:


We now have the Saltyshores Mouse pads..at $14.95 and available in all images.


Saltyshores Mouse Pads