Summer dol-DRUMS in the Glades.

The wind-less hot muggy slick calm days of summer. While most other parts of the world are enjoying dirty high water, the Everglades makes way for clean water, high water on top of normally ultra shallow flats, and lots and lots of tailing redfish willing to eat a well placed fly or DOA. This is certainly the time of year to spoil yourself. The frustrations amounted from the year, be it spooky fish, missed shots, snobby fish, broken tippets, etc… can all be purged out of your system with a day of throwing at mindless hoards of tailing redfish.


***Disclaimer*** My apologies for contributing to the onslaught of chest thumping hero shots. I know it’s been painful. And for this, let me attempt to offer some compensation in the form of some tailing sequences.

It usually starts with one wave of a flag in the distance…

And then a domino effect to follow…

Fix for tailing redfish this year… check. All of this year’s frustrating moments of fishing… out of system. It is time to rebuild that frustration and resume the pursuit of a different or more challenging pursuit.

The shameless plug for the evening goes to DOA Lures for unmasking the Bloodworm at this year’s writer’s event. The bloodworm CAL shad tails have been deadly but the shrimp is absolutely out of this world.

Fall is just around the corner and the hoards of finger mullet are slated to be here soon. I know of one fish that will be staged up waiting… stay tuned for more on this development. ¬†And thank you to those contributors on here who are still keeping it real.