Saltyshores Lifeproof Skins shipping to stores, new Mirror Glass

So we finally got the Lifeproof skin packaging done. This means they will start showing up at your favorite tackle shop or marine store soon. If they don’t have them.. ask them why the heck not!? lol

Captain Ted’s Tackle in Charlotte harbor is the first ones to get them in. Jeff tells me 1/2 is gone in a only a couple days and will have to reorder. That’s a good sign.

The kit comes with the skin itself, 3M waterproof adhesive, a cleaning cloth and instructions on the packaging for $16.95. If you already have a lifeproof this is they way to go away from the generic look, unless you like that sort of thing.

Lifeproof Skin

New Mirror Glass…sample.

I just got this in the mail last week to test. They are the first of new Mirror glass. I will get some extra once the come out and give them away to you guys in a Facebook contest. BTW if you are interested in Saltyshores FB contest and post you must click the like or the contest announcements will not show up on your news feed.

Mirror Glass