Some random rambling updates and news 8.28.2012


Cool Photo to get your attention.

Today is going to be just a random information that thought you guys like to know about. Nothing specific or even that super interesting just some information some people might enjoy.

Basically I am trying to say if I wait to update only when I have epic days of fishing, Saltyshores wouldn’t get updated very often. Keeping it real baby. Well real as best I can that is.(disclaimer)

Ok here goes.

Contest —————

William Joesph is giving away to a random winner one of those fancy gear bags I just did a review of. Yes random, no skillzzzz necessary. Here’s the link.

Speaking of contest, name this case and you get your choice of LifeProof skin or Iphone 4/4s case from Saltyshores.

Click here for the link to that naming contest.

What’s coming up.———-

This week there is a Big Rock Dealer show in Orlando. It is a dealer booking show. I will be there for a day to network with some peeps and hope to see some cool stuff.

Them I am shooing a commercial for Breathe Like A fish of their new project.

Then off to the East coast to catch the mullet run. I’ve missed it for the last 3 years due to weather and bad timing so hopefully 4th time’s the charm.

Gear reviews ————–

Tons of gear sitting here waiting for me review and write up. Problem is, I’m not one of those guys that open the box and write a review. I actually have to use it, find it’s pros and cons then give an assessment. Yeah I know right, imagine that concept!!

Right now it just comes down to time. Time is one thing you can not control. No matter how rich or how poor you are, time goes on with or with out you. At the end, time is all you have so make the best of it. .. ok, I’m snapping out of philosophy mode.. ahem.. anyways.. I’ll get to them when I have more free time. 🙂

But before I go here are some mentions off the top of my head… Columbia power drain boat shoes, Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus, Drift HD POV camera, Keyhole hands free camera harness, Fox international trek series fishing products, just to name a new.

Saltyshores might be short on time.. we definitely not on future content. 🙂

Longer plans ———-

September is the Fall Surf Expo.. lots of cool stuff there… depending on work schedule I might be only able to make it for one day.

Mid September, I will be Montauk New York, arguably the Mecca of Striper fishing. The goal is to get some epic images to add to the Iphone/Lifeproof collection and get some images for Tactical Angler catalog shoot. My first time so very excited.

October… is the Hooked on Hope Charity tournament, then it’s the Salty Fly Bahamas.(more details on this later).. then if I’m lucky and things work out up to Washington state for Steel head fishing and images.

Ok that’s it on the top off my head at the moment. These are just the fishing related plans. Trying to fit normal every day, boring life stuff in. I need 30 hour days dammit!