Pre Hurricane isaac fishing


With Hurricane Isaac (well it wasn’t a hurricane just yet), heading towards us I knew it could be a good bite out there if I took my chances of getting wet. The one thing I could not avoid was the wind. With a constant 15mph and gust of 20mph there was not much choice to be had if I wanted to fish out of SUP.

There’s a few reasons I’ve been using the SUP more than the boat lately. If I only go out for a couple hours the boat is just too much of hassle to clean, launch, gas etc.. Time is a constraint for me these day so taking the sup and launching almost anywhere is a great choice if I want to fish for only a couple hours. Not to mention you get some nice exercise in.

To hind from the wind I would fish in small canals. All I took with me was small 6′ rod and 6lb test braid. I tried jigs at first and got very little action. I switch to a Mirrodine mini and started to get a few strikes here and there but no hook up. It was not until I started to rip that sucker across the water really fast and erratic did I get my reaction stock and started to catch fish.

So the tip of the day is .. some times it is not the’s the presentation “retrieve”.

Fishing small coves, fallen trees and points I landed 5 fish out of about a dozen strikes. They were all little snook but on 6lb test it was blast with them pulling drag all over the place in the SUP. After about 3 hours it was time to go in.

Next time I’m gonna bring out the 6wt fly rod with me. I’ll probably end up loosing all kinds of flies with all the branches around but hell it should be fun any ways.

Snook on the minidine
Snook on the minidine 2

More SUP fishing off the Iphone.