William Joseph Conduit Gear Bag review, Saltwater gear bag

One of the most annoying things about fishing in the saltwater is battling its corrosive nature. Not only does it rust but the salt crystal once it dries out just eats up rod guides, reel bearings, boats, pretty much everything it touches.

I’ve had expensive rain jackets zippers, reels, boat parts, and tackle bags ruined. I do not know if they meant to create the product towards saltwater fisherman or not but William Joseph has this bag named the Conduit.

The bag on the surface looks much like any other bag out there. The one glaring difference is that they are making the enclosures out of natural magnets. These “natural” magnets are strong, permanent and best of all don’t get destroyed by saltwater like 100% of zippers I know of.

With water resistant material and ample opening, mesh pockets, foam pads, the bag is a dream come true for many saltwater boaters that goes through bags like I do.

How many times have you gotten on a hot bite, go into your tackle to get something and forget to unzip it back. Next thing you know your gear is all over the bottom of the deck. With the magnet system one flip and it is closes. It is the quickest access to as well as closing of gear that I know exist.

I forgot to mention this in the video, but the bag has a built in rain fly as well. The fly is permanently attached and tucked away. This way it just does not get blown off the boat. Here is a photo of me stuck in a torrential down pore the Stuart Florida a couple weeks ago. The rain fly definitely got put into good use here.

You can not beat their warranty either.

From their website..

General Warranty: The William Joseph warranty is as straight forward as it gets. We don’t care if you bought it at a garage sale, whether or not you have a receipt, if you backed over it with your car, or your dog chewed it up. As long as it remains repairable we will fix it for free, no questions asked.

Looks like as long as it does not get stolen or I loose it(which unfortunately has happened), I think this will be the last boat/gear bag I will own. I also know I will not be throwing it away because of rusty zippers. 🙂

William Joseph Conduit gear bag in the rain

The conditions we were fishing in….