Everglades Permit fishing with Russell Kleppinger

Did a little wreck fishing with friend Ruseell Kleppinger and his two buddies Brandon and Eugene. We took his Egret 21 foot boat to Chokoloskee which is essentially the west side of the Everglades National Park.

What was suppose to be 1′ to 2′ seas turned out to me more like 2-3′ seas with an occasional 4′ thrown in to make it interesting. No fun in a 21′ boat but I must say the Egret handled it surprisingly well.

With crabs in hand our mission was to catch permit. I have never been more than a couple miles offshore in Choko so this was a new experience for me.

On our fist drift Brandon hooks a permit and indeed it was a challenging fight in the rolling seas out there. Eventually he brought his silver opponent boat side, our first permit of the day.

After that for some reason we failed to land a fish. Hooks bent, line breakage you name it. I did manage a nice snook using a buck tail jig however.

There were plenty of bait around and we decided to sabiki up a few. The idea sounded great but soon proved futile as every eat was getting broken off by the wreck. We have no idea what they were. I’m thinking Goliath grouper or big snooks that snapped the 50lb braid on the wreck.

We moved on to another number but besides spade fish(angle fish looking species) and barracuda there was not much catching to be had there.

The last wreck was by far the most productive of the day. Every single drift we were getting a bite. Either by a snook or a permit there was a bite. Russell even caught one on a bait caster sitting down for the entire fight. We ended the day around 4:30pm after we ran out of crabs. It was a good day in the glades.