A few snook on the SUP this morning

Took my buddy Lane, who was in town from Seattle Washington to do some fishing in the SUP today.

Why an SUP? because when only planning to fish for 2-3 hours, dealing with the hassle of the boat just isn’t worth it sometimes.

The morning tide was the last of incoming then flush out in the afternoon. I’m thinking the afternoon tide is the best but the scheduling just wouldn’t allow it. Our only choice was to get their early and bang out a few fish in the morning sunrise bite.

We caught about 10 snooks between the two of us and a fairly slow bite day. The fish wanted small bait(which there are tons of now in the bay) and the lure that worked the best was the Mirrordine Mini. I tried the XL size and jigs, but they wanted nothing to do with it today.

All the fish were dinks from 7″ to 22″ or so.

Best part of the day was seeing my buddy catch a fish then fall off the paddle board right in front of me. Glad he is OK but it sure was funny 🙂