Columbia Omni freeze Zero fabric from ICAST 2012

Columbia Omni freeze Zero fabric from ICAST 2012

This was way cool.. I have to admit, these days I don’t get impressed by many “quick dry” fabric. But this new Omni Freeze Zero material they have actually works. Before I say that absolutely.. I will say at least at the demonstration it worked great. I have to try the Omni Freeze Zero material in the hot and mugginess of the Florida summer first. 🙂

They gave me an arm sleeve sample to take with me. I will use it on the boat and see if it works as well as the demo outdoors as well.

Shirts are available now but only with a secret code from their ice cream truck campaign.

They tell me they are putting it all kinds of apparel including the ever popular drain maker I got last year. Which btw way I still have use all the time when I’m on the boat or kayak.

Here is a quick video from ICAST 2012.

Columbia-OmniFreeze Zero
Omni Freeze zero