Aqua Dreams Spoons by Mike Hakala creator the ever popular Captain Mike’s Spoon

Captain Mike’s spoon has been around since I started inshore fishing. Mike Hakala the creator sold the company to Tru Tungsten but they have since ended operation.

Mike saw the window of opportunity and has created Aqua Dream’s spoons. They have become widely popular amongst the inshore fisherman.

Every Kayak tournament I’ve been too 90% of the guys using spoons are using these new Aqua Dream spoons.

Here is a video of the new patterns they debut at ICAST 2012.

I designed my first spoon in 1993. This is the latest version of that spoon. Improved through the years, this is the best spoon I’ve ever made. Slow sinking willow design, superior finish, stainless steel hook, screw, wire and split ring make this the best damn spoon on the flats.

These spoons are made in the USA from the finest materials. Do not confuse these with cheap imported copies.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Sizes: 1/4 and 3/8 oz